Sunday, 7 September 2014

Got my first DSLR ; Nikon D3200

Ever since I ditched my Nokia N8 for an android mobile phone, I starved for a descent camera. N8 was so much more than a phone for me, it was an incredible camera as well. That 12 megapixel Carl Zeiss lens was amazing. All photos till now on this blog belong to Nokia N8.
As it was a time to upgrade , instead of going for a fancy point and shoot camera , I went for a (within my budget) DSLR. Did a lot of research on and finally zeroed on D3200. Although it is two rears old and D3300 is already here, there is not much difference between these two (especially not for newbie like me). Thus it was not worth paying extra Rs 6000.
One major disadvantage I have with a DSLR that its bulky compared to mobile phones & you cannot carry it every time and everywhere. Your phone will be the only device that will be there for a surprise moment. And for all those deliberate moments , my DSLR is ready.


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